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​Music For Movements is a Public Benefit Corporation and a

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Music For Movements enthusiasm and efforts are inspired towards the procurement of additional Books, Computers, Technology and Music Inspired Curriculum Fundamentals,  benefiting students of any school, and students of MOOC participating courses towards certificates, diplomas and specializations for the Greater Philadelphia, PA Region. 

  Brand Awareness

Local, Regional and National Year-Round Brand Awareness Campaigns. The earlier you join us in this awesome cause, the more exposure and impact your campaign will have. ​Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Cross Promotions, Cause Marketing, Sponsorship, Social and Mobile Media, Brick & Mortar, Advertising, Contests & Giveaways.​

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men... Frederick Douglass


Music For Movements Telethon mission is to make sure students in the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Region has access to the required educational materials for their school curriculum.  We provide auxiliary learning materials, hardware and software for advanced curriculum; and incorporate ancillary resources and methods that kindle a well-versed aptitude and a top-notch educational experience for our future trailblazers and pioneers. Incorporating new and exciting methods constantly will benefit the students, faculty, family, friends, communities and businesses of our beloved City.

​With up-to-date resources, new age theories, and the latest technology; we can bestow our students with the vital instruments they need to be highly sought-after career candidates.  They can prosper anywhere in the world, and in any industry. We have to equip them with the proper learning prerequisites and positive reinforcements. This is the essence of the Music For Movements Telethon. It is our duty...

We are elated to induct the 1st Annual Music For Movements Telethon in support of this endeavor. This movement will host multiple year-round campaigns and brand awareness initiatives. Music For Movements has a Symphony of Solutions and a Melody of Measures for creative fundraising, social enterprise, marketing, and advertisement opportunities towards the aspirations and goals of Pennsylvania’s children.  We want them to prosper and influence positive change globally!
Enthusiastically, The Music For Movements Team

   Charitable Cause

This campaign is for everyone that harmonize with the education and encouragement of a bright and boundless future for our children. We have campaigns for all ages and we eagerly encompass positive ideas with zealous! This movement engages all cultures, generations, genre's, demographics, and the hearts of people that cherish a prosperous ideal.

Our Mission for the Telethon