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Music For Movements Target Audience

Generation Z – Millennials - Generation X - Baby Boomers
Ultimately, this campaign is for everyone that embraces the education and encouragement of a bright and boundless future for our children. We have prospective campaigns for all ages. The Music for Movements alliance is well-versed, connected and involved in an array of industries and communication channels. Professional, personal, friended, linked, respected, accepted, and appreciated allegiances. We are united for this fabulous cause and we are thrilled to bring this campaign to a mandatory charitable initiative!

Contactless Intelligence

Mobile App – Contactless Intelligence Tie-Ins
Music For Movements consumer outreach can download our mobile app through Near Field Communications (NFC), QR Codes, Beacon and/or other forms of contactless Intelligence with the touch of their phones during their everyday travels. Buses, Subway Trains, Amtrak, Bus Shelters, Head Houses, Bus and Train Stations, Street Furniture, Airports, Digital Signage – OOH & DOOH. Septa’s Philadelphia Annual Ridership is 325 Million.

Industries:  Education, Employment, Technology, Digital, Internet, Mass Media and Communication, Social Media, Music, Film, Television, Dance, Art, Radio, Record Labels, Producers & Studios, Performing Rights Societies, Social Enterprise and Responsibility, Cause Marketing Relationships, Non-profits and Charitable Organizations. Et cetera…

Alliance:  Students, Teachers, Faculty, and their Families and Friends. Champions and Advocates of Education, Educational Institutions, Nationwide Colleges and Universities, Community and Concerned Citizens, Political and Government Leaders, Regional and National Corporations and Businesses of all industries and sizes. Celebrities, Heroes, Icons, Idols, Legends, Luminaries and Notable Personalities. Et cetera…

Enthusiastically, The Music For Movements Team

Social Enterprise
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​Cause Marketing
​​Impact and Program Related Investments
Crowdfunding, Angel and Venture Investments

Music For Movements is a Public Benefit Corporation and a ​Social Enterprise


Sponsor / Advertiser Collaborative Campaigns

Our Sponsors, Advertisers, and Supporters can brainstorm with us to create independent campaigns that benefit both of our mutual causes. Approval from MFM is required